8 jun. 2008

Elephants Dream (corto de animación)

Elephants Dream is a story about communication and fiction, made purposefully open-ended as the world’s first 3D animated “Open movie”. The film itself is released under the Creative Commons license, along with the entirety of the production files used to make it (roughly 7 Gigabytes of data). The software used to make the movie is the free/open source animation suite Blender along with other open source software, thus allowing the movie to be remade, remixed and re-purposed with only a computer and the data on the DVD or download., 2006, Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Pues eso, corto de animación realizado con herramientas "open source" bajo licencia Creative Commons.
Desde su sitio web se pueden descargar versiones en diferentes calidades e idiomas. Recomendable.

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